photo | sean desmond

Our Story

Rara Avis Design is a creative Los Angeles-based collaboration of Jen and Eric Alden. Their backgrounds are as eclectic as their products – bringing together artist, fashion designer, taxidermist, and traditional English weaver (her) with applied mathematician, engineer, model, actor, and, sometime, poet (him). They have been enjoying each other's company, and passionately designing, for more than 20 years.

They've been lucky to have lived in France and England for almost a decade, safaried in Africa, fly fished in Patagonia, bargained in Asian markets and Middle Eastern souks, and climbed New Zealand's Mt. Cook one Christmas morning. Their physical and mental cabinets of curiosities overflow from the adventures they've had, the rare things they've seen, the lessons they've learned, and the things they've designed. 

The unique spirit of the company is fostered from a particular view of the world – a melding of cultures, history, and art.

You, too, have stories, visions, and adventures – dreams – to be shared with your clients, your audience, your family.  Let's talk, write, draw, create together!


We've had the pleasure working with: Giannetti Architects, Lauren Liess InteriorsAnthropologie, Lucky Brand Jeans, Ore Originals, Will Leather Goods, Jim Barnier Shoes